About Suzbc

Welcome to my new WordPress blog!

I will be posting Southern Vampire Mysteries (SVM) & True Blood (TB) as well as Supernatural (SPN) Fan Fiction. I have an author account on FanFiction to which I have uploaded six stories to date. I am a new author with terrible grammar and spelling; I blame french immersion! At any rate I am starting to really love writing for the first time in my life. With each story my skill improves, well they do say practice makes perfect right!!

I am in my early thirties and have the privilege to call Vancouver, BC Canada home, which makes setting stories in Louisiana difficult but I think I do okay. I try and keep to canon as much as possible however I have a few issues with some of the decisions made by the original creative talent behind the SVM & TB universes. Specifically how down right awful Sookie can be, Jason having no Fae powers and Godric dying. So in my stories these issues have been resolved as well as increased powers that manifest in different ways.

As for Supernatural I lean towards Dean/Castiel pairings or Destiel as it’s called. I think that it’s a shame that the TV show will most likely never have these two characters get together, it’s obvious that they belong together.

I obviously don’t own any of the characters nor do I make any money off of any of my Fan Fiction this is all for my own enjoyment and I hope those who stumble upon them as well.

Click here for my Fan Fiction Stories list page.


6 responses to “About Suzbc

  1. Merri

    Great to see you on wordpress hope to see a new update soon!!

  2. Welcome to WordPress! You’ll love it. I made the transition a couple of months ago and its great.

  3. Gabriela

    Thanks so much for the subscribe and for reading my stories. I’ll check out your fics as soon as I have some free time. xoxo Gaby

  4. Hi. I just found you on Fanfiction.net and just wanted to say I love your stories.

  5. cheeka

    please finish your story,,,Tall Blonde ,,,,,,,,meets stackhouse twins,,,great story

  6. jules3677

    Found you on FanFiction. Came over here to check if you had finished your SVM/True Blood stories here. Wondering if you intended to complete these stories?

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